Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Time

I'm very much enjoying my free time since I was released. Boy time does fly, it seems like yesterday that I posted last, but, it has been months. Things are going good for me. I'm still healing, it is still tender under my right arm, but it continues to get better. I just turned the big 50 a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to imagine that I have been around for half a century. It is good to be around.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well, after six years and almost three months the release has come. Yesterday I was released and Bishop Allen was put in.
He will be great. I look forward to watching and working with him. As far as me, I'm not quite certain how to describe how I feel. Things are different now. When the mantle is lifted you feel kind of smaller and lighter, maybe a bit more insignificant.
I am grateful for all the people I was able to get to know and I love them dearly and will miss working with them in that capacity.
There is always more to do, learn, and grow, something I am looking forward to.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support, and all of your prayers in my behalf. Thanks to my whole bishopric, you are wonderful. I love you dearly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Going Great

Things are going great for me, I am still healing and feel quite a bit better. I'm back at work and doing good. No more surgery's in sight. Thanks everyone for your prayers and faith.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dr. Visit

Yesterday I went to the lung doctor. He said that my lung is "sweating" I guess that is what they call it when the lung is creating more fluid than it should. It is due to the healing process, My lung is still swollen and healing, although he said that it sounds good. I also received a flu shot. I talked to him about the pain and tenderness in my chest but that is all part of the healing process as well. I am starting to feel better it just isn't happening fast enough for me. (Part of learning more patience.)

Thanks for all the prayers and concern in my behalf.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting back to "Normal"

Tuesday I started back to work. I have yet to put in a full day but things seem to be getting better. I have noticed some swelling, but I guess that is to be expected. It's been a bit more painful as well. Hopefully I will start feeling a lot better soon. I am very grateful for everyones help and prayers through all of this, It's been a long year for me and my family.

Thanks to everyone!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


It is hard to believe that only three and a half weeks ago I had major surgery. I must be getting impatient to heal, but have to realize it was major surgery and it takes time to get better. For the past three or four days the region above my incision has been very painful. It used to be very numb due to the trauma to the nerves from the surgery. Now as the numbness goes away it has become very painful. I get a pins and needles type of pain that is very hard to control. It makes it difficult to sleep. The incision itself is healing nicely, although I will have a pretty big scar. I want to get back to work but think I will have to wait a couple more days to be sure that I don't strain the muscles in my chest and cause more damage. At least the "Leaking" has stopped.

I'm very grateful to all who have kept me in their prayers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, I went to both my lung specialist as well as my surgeon on Tuesday and the surgeon told me that all the "leaking" is probably an old large blood clot that is finally breaking up and coming out. I don't like all the drainage but I guess I can deal with it until it is finished. I didn't get any sleep on Monday night because I literally had to change my dressing every twenty to thirty minutes. I got to bed around 4:00 am. (long night) Also on the 18th I was up from one-thirty to four as well trying to contain it. Needless to say I am pretty tired.

I am doing much better with the pain, and my incisions seem to be healing well. I'm hoping that the drainage will ease up and then I can possibly get on with life...